Vivital creates customized and integrated software solutions using and related technologies.


To put it more specifically, Vivital does two things:  We write software that helps companies connect and engage with people and data all over their universe, and we provide consulting that helps them create more powerful ambitions.

Our Process

1. Build the Ambition

A complete picture of future alignment and value

2. Create the Solution Story

Real people, taking real action, with real results

3. Iterate & Execute

Product delivery with faster speed and higher quality

4. Transition to Value

Taking your team from practice to performance

"VIVITAL completely transformed our customer experience."
Megan, Relational Capitol Group
"Working with VIVITAL has streamlined our business."
John, KAR Auction Services


We believe in the power of collaboration. That’s why we've developed relationships with strategic partners. Because of our focus on empowering relationships between employees, customers, and communities, we can think of no better partnership than the one we have with the industry-leading CRM platform, We believe Salesforce is most powerful when it creates trust and connectedness within and across user groups and when it aligns the purpose, thinking, and actions of committed individuals.

Our Clients