About Us

We write software that helps companies connect and engage with people all over their universe, and we provide consulting that helps them create more powerful ambitions.
What makes us unique is our focus on leadership. Technology isn’t naturally transformational. Real progress requires a commitment to a new and very specific future, and the skills to handle distractions and breakdowns along the way. Somebody has to own that.
That’s part of our offer.
And when the work is done, we ask ourselves a simple question: Did our client achieve the future that they envisioned? That is our highest metric and the primary goal around which we organize, every day.

Our Culture

VIVITAL is more than just another technology company. We’re a CRM integration partner that becomes a valued part of our client’s team. Your concerns become our concerns. Our core values set us apart from the rest of the pack.


Be the best you

We are always designing, crafting and moving toward more valuable situations, more impactful decisions and more powerful narratives with and for our employees, customers and communities.


Create what's next

We do more than make and fulfill promises. We align ourselves to a shared purpose with customers and partners, holding the same concerns and acting for the sake of a collectively imagined future.


Get after it

Our solutions are skillfully and competitively invented and delivered. They are designed to outperform the market and to surpass customer anticipation. Best practices and keeping our word are our entry point for performance.

The VIVITAL blog takes a deep dive into industry news, current trends and CRM best practices.