Relational Capital Group

Relational Capital Group was seeking a channel to deliver their highly successful business training and mentoring products.

The Client

The Relational Capital Group is a consulting organization with a mission to strengthen relationship skills for their clients. RCG’s ability to offer industry-specific solutions for sales, account management, customer service and leadership teams make their clients successful and in turn, makes them successful.


The Challenge

How can a national organization create a uniform channel to deliver training and mentoring products to customers across the country?


The Solution

We developed a new channel and process for RCG to distribute its products and successfully directed the completion of the Salesforce partner program process to further assimilate this new channel into RCG.


The Vivital Difference

By creating a customer visualforce user experience, embedding analytics and dashboards into RCG’s tools and reviewing Salesforce security compliances, VIVITAL supplied a set of resources to allow RCG to deliver its highly successful business relationship training and mentoring products. VIVITAL also lead RCG through the Salesforce partner program process and coordinated the product launch with internal and external messaging. With the successful deployment of this program, VIVITAL was invited to attend the Dreamforce Conference with the RCG leadership and sales teams.